Lyrics created by Si Baker


Sipping at the memory gland

Of a semi-depressed Nan

Glittery baked beans locked in a can

Like a Buddha deep in med, tiger Chan

Wu-Tang and tiger claw, ‘gimme my prawns I like ‘um raw

It was the way I was born like my shadow who was in a stasis snore

Adore, the elder, the before, that brought a third eye that elevated off the floor


So quick jump into the eye vortex

Ready to see dissembled shit that makes surrealism perplexed

It’s hi-tech, break- eye, stencil- text, picturesque-crab-net

Are you still with me yet?




Coz I’ve got glittery baked beans in a deep med-tiger-Chan

Lending imagination out is the plan

Slack-jaw not ready for the mind to forget

(Break check)

Lending imagination out to let

(Who’s writing my future paychecks?)

(He is)

(You bet!)

Vortex, open eye, my cry, lights and lifts up into the sky

A writer aura too quick for a samurai

Goodbye x